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Si2 OpenAccess Extension Downloads, like oaScript and oaxPop, NOW require the signed: OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017)
If your company has not already done so! (Check you My Page "License Approvals"):
It should download, sign, and submit OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017). See See License Information Here!

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OpenPDK Savings Calculator
OpenPDK Savings Calculator

Si2 is sharing this PDK resource savings estimator to show how joining the OPDK Coalition
can produce significant ROI for your company.

The two slides here show how to use the spreadsheet: http://www.si2.org/?page=1132
The Calcuator itself is located here: http://www.si2.org/?page=1133

Insert your own assumptions to assess the ROI
unique to your specific situation.
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