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OpenAccess Scripting Language Workshop

Monday June 6, 1:00PM – 4:30PM, Room 29AB

This workshop is intended for chip design engineers who want to interact with OpenAccess programs or data in scripting languages, either integrated with native C++ code or as stand-alone programs. oaScript enables more engineers to use scripting languages as part of their daily work. This workshop will provide them with an invaluable knowledge of what is available today.

oaScript supports five popular scripting languages:

  • Perl – a procedural, syntax-rich language used for fast prototyping
  • Tcl – a simple, command-based syntax used since 1993, supporting events, multiple interpreters, and OS-level threading
  • Python – a mostly object-oriented language with garbage collection, operator overloading, reflection, free functions, closures, lists, iterators, and list comprehensions
  • Ruby – an object-oriented language with garbage collection, operator overloading, reflection, access control, closures, and blocks
  • C# – a strongly-typed object-oriented language designed for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) for Windows, and Mono on Linux

This tutorial will teach engineers the following key points:

1. How to apply scripting languages:

  • Mapping OpenAccess classes to scripting languages
  • Strings and names
  • Enhancements in the API for scripting languages
  • Comparison with existing scripting language interfaces

2. The architecture of oaScript

  • Design objectives
  • Build flow
  • Data flow
  • SWIG usage
  • Future architectural goals

3. Getting started with oaScript

  • How to download
  • How to build
  • Where to get documentation and support

4. Demonstration of oaScript with detailed programming examples

OpenAccess Scripting Language Workshop

01:00PM – 01:10PM: Introduction: Sumit DasGupta, Sr. VP of Engineering, Si2

01:10PM – 01:30PM: An Introduction to OpenAccess Scripting: James Masters, Intel

01:30PM - 01:50PM: OpenAccess Scripting Language Interfaces Architecture:John McGehee, Voom, Inc.

03:10PM - 03:40PM: Custom Designer Demo w/Scripting Languages Embedded: Neel Gopalan, Synopsys

03:40PM - 04:30PM: Perl/OpenAccess – Graphical Demo: Rudy Albachten, AMD

Get Started with oaScript – A Quick Guide

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