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Si2 Download Policies for Coalition Products
(General Release Users: See OpenAccess Source Code Policy 2012)

Each Si2 Coalition produces items such as documentation, standards, specifications, utilities, training material, and downloadable binary and source code. Each coalition reserves the right to assess the most appropriate level of download access and usage rights on a case-by-case basis for each deliverable produced.

Items may be available only for Coalition members, only to Si2 members, and/or may have restrictions on usage rights. As a general rule, when you try to download an item, a message will inform you of licensing requirements (which define usage) as well as whether that item is available for members only.

As an example, following are the policies for Coalition items:

Download Rights: Access, Usage, Redistribution

1. Definitions:

    Coalition Release: Latest Code Release + Latest Documentation and Training materials

    General Release: Coalition Release with an 18 month delay

2. Usage Matrix


Non Si2


(2016) Certified Academic
Members Only

Coalition Member

Usage Rights





Download for evaluation only
(See OpenAccess Source Code Policy 2012)





Download for internal production usage
(See OpenAccess Source Code Policy 2012)





Download for Research and teaching purposes



Coalition Release


Download for all of the above plus re-distribution rights




Coalition Release


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