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Si2 OpenAccess Extension Downloads, like oaScript and oaxPop, currently require the signed OpenAccess ESG License v 2.0 January 31, 2013. This license is being replaced SOON by the OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017). Your company should download, sign, and submit OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017). See See License Information Here!

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Si2 Publications: OpenAccess 2.2

Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial
12th Edition
- November 2012
(Index of New and Enhanced Material)

The Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial is the best way to teach yourself the OA API.

   While the OA release documentation is a great reference once you already know the API, the Si2 API Tutorial is 800+ pages carefully organized to provide a step-by-step, self-instructional approach to the OA model, including hundreds of illustrations and many self-check exercises (with answers). Written by the Si2 staff, the Si2 API Tutorial starts with basic OpenAccess concepts, incrementally building on successively more complex ideas, until the whole model has been methodically explored – including effective use of the OpenAccess release documentation.

   With yearly new editions, Si2 provides on-going enhancements, adding errata, coverage of new model classes, code examples, illustrations, and detailed explanations of behavioral semantics (List of Chapters).

   The Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial is a must-have for OpenAccess developers.

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