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The Si2
OpenAccess 2.2
Online Course

12th Edition Posted August 2012 (list of enhancements).

The Si2 OpenAccess 2.2 Online Course is one of the formats generated from the Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial. Independently written by the Si2 staff since 2003 to augment the native OpenAccess API documentation, the Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial is nearing 1000 pages with chapters covering the breadth of the API, well over 400 illustrations, and dozens of coding labs to illustrate and reinforce concepts and semantics.

The Online Course is a developer's resource as well as a beginner's primer, enhancing the Tutorial material with

  • navigation convenience tools
  • auxiliary EDA and C++ reference books online
  • direct links to the OpenAccess API class pages
  • a search engine that returns links to pages categorized across the Si2 instructional text, Si2 labs, OA class pages and Programmers Guide, OA release code examples, auxiliary references as well as the API documentation deltas.
  • a user Comments tool for providing instant public feedback

The OA Online Course Webinar offers a quick way to see how the course is organized and sample its many useful features.

The new course Quick Tour, which takes about 3 hours, is a fast overview of the most important topics in the OpenAccess API.

As of 2009, the current edition of the Si2 OpenAccess Online Course is open only to OpenAccess Coalition member users. Any OpenAccess Coalition user may self-register. (See list of OAC members.)

Si2 Members Course! Starting November 2009, the original DM4 7th edition is open to all Si2 member users who have the OpenAccess V4 license. The course is self-registering. (See list of Si2 member companies).

Current Chapters and Labs

1 Introduction 16 Geometry
2 Documentation 17 Cooperative Processing
3 Design Choices 18 Pcells
4 API Style 19 Routes
5 API Classes 20 Technology
6 Writing Programs 21 Constraints
7 OA Integration 22 Parasitics
8 Names 23 Test and Verification
9 Design Libraries 24 Floorplanning and Placement
10 Hierarchy 25 Customization
11 Block Domain 26 C++ Topics
12 Module Domain 27 References
13 Occurrence Domain 28 Glossary
14 Extension Objects 29 Appendices
15 Inherited Connections

LAB 3-1: sample LAB 16-4: bbplugin
LAB 4-1: oadump LAB 16-5: symbol
LAB 6-1: grafig LAB 16-6: pins
LAB 6-2: basic LAB 16-7: schematic
LAB 8-1: namespaces LAB 16-8: flat1
LAB 9-1: liblist LAB 16-9: rq
LAB 10-1: libcellview LAB 16-10: rqeasy
LAB 11-1: inverter LAB 16-11: occshape
LAB 11-2: netlist LAB 17-1: observer
LAB 11-3: multibit LAB 17-2: errobservers
LAB 12-1: module LAB 18-1: pcparamprop
LAB 12-2: modprop LAB 18-2: pcdefdata
LAB 13-1: occinsts LAB 18-3: pcell
LAB 13-2: occ LAB 18-4: pcellfile
LAB 13-3: occtraverser LAB 18-5: pcplugin
LAB 13-4: tclsize LAB 18-6: pccpp
LAB 14-1: ext LAB 18-7: pcelltcl
LAB 14-2: dmdata LAB 19-1: route
LAB 14-3: multiplug LAB 20-1: tech
LAB 16-1: evaltext LAB 21-1: constraint
LAB 16-2: text LAB 22-1: detpara
LAB 16-3: textlink LAB 29-1: mdparies

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