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Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits & Values

Si2's mission is to provide value-added services and technologies that reduce the cost and complexity of silicon design and integration. In order to accomplish this mission Si2 focuses on implementation of collaborative solutions for system-on-chip, yielding an overall decrease in the time and effort required to implement SoC designs.

Si2 has been providing service to the electronic industry since 1988.. Si2 understands that in order to be successful, it must pursue rapid development, promotion and adoption of open technologies. Si2 focuses on project accomplishments that can be attained within one year.

New silicon design flow challenges
are costly, complex.

Many cannot be solved by any
one customer or supplier.

"1/N" cost sharing becomes an
economic imperative.

provides a unique forum for industry leaders to collaborate on these challenges:

Structured forums to discuss common problems.

Identify emerging trends, priorities, and resolutions.

Explore supplier-partner solutions and leverage
     open technologies.

Si2 also provides the industry with unique services:

Safe haven through anti-trust protection and
     neutral charter.

Aligns common interests among membership.

Industry studies and research reports targeting
     customer issues.

Formation of councils, coalitions, and working

Facilitation of meetings, operating policies,
    budgets, schedules, and legal counsel.

Si2 staff provides expertise to assist in
     coordinating customer projects and
     developing technology solutions.



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