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Access Restrictions for CMC Web Areas

NOTICE: May 11, 2016 - New CMC Access Restrictions:
  • CMC Member Company - Any User account:   This Access REMOVED

    This access have been removed. The CMC recommends that non-participating users of member companies contact their company's Designated Representatives for information about CMC activity.

    ***** NOTE **** If your company is a CMC Member, Login and we will get your company Designated User Names/Emails: Login

  • CMC Members Only Wiki:
    The CMC Member Wiki contains CMC pages for CMC Quarterly Minutes, Subcommittees, etc. The wiki also includes all CMC historic material.

    05/2016 General Access to the wiki:
    Your Si2 user account must qualify as one or more of :

    1. CMC Member Company Designated Users: (CMC Members List)
      These users are designated on the CMC Model Selection form for the current year. They include a Primary and a Secondary user(s).

      Designated user emails appears in the cmc_members reflector auto created by Si2 from
      user accounts, of companies with "Active" CMC membership, which are marked as a company's active designated user.

    2. CMC Subcommittee Participants:
      A participant's Si2 user account email appears any active CMC work group's reflector maintained by the work group chair.

      Model Developer Si2 user account emails must also appear in an active CMC work group's reflector maintained by the work group chair - especially in the case of Select Model Work groups.

      If in a work group reflector, a participant's Si2 user account receives auto generated access for the specific work group. Work Groups (and their participants) inherit a list of access permissions including access to the CMC Members Only Wiki.

  • CMC Participants Only Area:

    1. Only CMC member company designated users and CMC Subcommittee/WorkGroup participants inherit access to the Participants Only Area.

    2. Select Model Subcommittee Direcectories are restricted to only CMC Designated Users and the specific Select Model Subcommittee's participants.

  • Selection Model work groups:
    These groups allow users who are in the work group reflector controlled by the Work Group Chair OR
    are in the auto-generated reflector of designated users from companies selecting the specific subcommittee model.

    2016 Select Models:
    • CMC BSIM Bulk Work Group
    • CMC BSIMCMG Work Group
    • CMC BSIMSOI Work Group
    • CMC PSP Work Group
    • CMC HiSIMHV Work Group
    • CMC HiSIM2 Work Group
    • CMC HiSIMSOI Work Group
    • CMC HICUM Work Group
    • CMC MEXTRAM Work Group
    • CMC BSIM-IMG Work Group
    • CMC HiSIM-SOTB Work Group

  • Other CMC work groups:
    These groups allow users who are on the work group reflector controlled by the Work Group Chair. These users inherit general access to the CMC Wiki.

    • CMC Model QA and Release Work Group
    • CMC MOSVAR Work Group
    • Diode CMC Recovery Work Group
    • CMC Multigate Model Work Group
    • CMC GaN HEMT Work Group
    • CMC OMI-API Work Group
    • CMC Operating Point Variable Names and Definitions Work Group
    • CMC Prelayout Parasitics Work Group
    • CMC Verilog-A Recommended Practices Work Group
    • CMC ESD Compact Models Work Group
    • CMC Thin Film Transistor Model Work Group
    • CMC GMIN_MINR Handling Work Group

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