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Focus Exposure Matrix

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Focus and Exposure Matrix

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FEM Parameters

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The Focus Exposure Matrix (FEM) parameters are the set of simulation conditions where the focus and exposure conditions have been varied around the nominal F0E0 condition for the focus and exposure latitudes for which the process has been (or will be) qualified.

Each individual matrix condition is denoted by its Row / Column position pair in the Focus Exposure Matrix such as F+1E+1 which denotes the upper right point of a 3x3 matrix with the F0E0 condition at the origin.

The number of FE conditions in the matrix is variable with 5, 9 and 15 FE conditions specified in the matrix as common qualification sets.

Sub-matrixes of the full FE Matrix are also supported by denoting the Row/Column indices of the sub matrix. In the example below submatix 1 is donoted by F-1E+1,F+1E+1 and the submatix 2 is denoted by F0E0,F+1E+1

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FE Matrix.gif


  1. The nominal condition FoEo is at location (0,0)
  2. Individual FE conditions are denoted by their Row and Column position.
  3. Matrixes of various sizes shall be supported. E.g. matrixes of 5 cells, 9 cells (as shown on the right) or 15 cells could all be used as an FE matrix.
  4. Sub-matrixes, such as submatrix 1 and submatrix 2 (as shown on the right) specify a continuous subset of the full matix. A submatrix denotes the FE variance across a specific focus latitude, exposure latitude or corner or the full FE matrix.
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