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  Build from src: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getLibName' Nandish Kolur Somasekhara12017-06-22 12:40
  Installation of OA22.50p064 Incremental releaseMilan82017-06-20 06:30
  Exception "Invalid String Index" during call of oaModNet::create() ?Milan22017-05-17 07:04
  How to use the downloaded libraries?Vijay Chadalavada22017-05-12 13:19
  what are contained in oaDev tarball?Liu Chi-Yu52017-04-26 08:39
  how to read the database from constraints manager?Yao LI02016-10-25 05:46
  spef2oa corrupted the databaseShuojing Wang62017-03-07 10:58
  Getting all view names for particular cellJeon Yong Hwan52017-02-06 00:51
  Possibility of extracting a design with all its needed referencesvan Leuven Peter02017-01-31 03:58
  oaInstTerm::create is slowChristephan Tong32017-01-27 10:57
  spef2oa A memory allocation for 2671443968 bytes failedShuojing Wang22017-01-26 16:24
  How to get netSet prop name and value by python OATonyLuan122017-01-18 21:36
  oaCellViewDMData::exists is very slow, though oaDesign::exists is fastDan'l Leviton52017-01-10 13:24
  Spef & Verilog parsersJeff Wilson22017-01-10 13:22
  Compiling OA 22.50 p029 on WindowsPeter Hackett32016-12-06 10:34
  long cell name problem on strm2oaKenji Morohashi22016-12-01 16:25
  how to view .schematic files ?weiqing guo32016-12-01 08:59
  Update on oaOccTraverser?James D. Masters12016-11-28 11:34
  Special Layers and Purposes in oaTechElizabeth Lagnese12016-11-23 06:44
  def2oa becomes much slower since oa22.50p036icscape12016-11-09 10:42
  data model 5 (huge string table)Jeff Wilson12016-11-07 17:51
  Incremental releases: how to interpret themvan Leuven Peter22016-10-21 10:46
  Plug-in vs OA libraries version compatibility van Leuven Peter22016-10-21 06:27
  Cadence cdf Parameter access through OA scriptingoleg sirghii02016-09-29 09:42
  How to complile oa22.43-p028 RHEL 6.5 ?LiuYunDong82016-09-23 11:03
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