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  oa2verilog's handling on constants in a signal busElsie Lo12019-04-03 12:32
  C++17 compatibility in 22.50 streamTait Schaffer52019-03-13 16:52
  Find a mapping between packetname (display.drf) and name/purpose of an oaLayerJohn Hermans02019-01-25 06:26
  Deleting huge numInst count instanceJason02018-11-20 20:30
  Need to update cellname and propertiesAbhishek Goswami02018-10-29 05:43
  get device nameAbhishek Goswami12018-09-26 06:55
  get device nameAbhishek Goswami02018-09-25 07:24
  def2oa after verilog2oa questionsPaul K Rodman22018-09-19 15:53
  How to get original list value same as it in cadenceTonyLuan52018-08-22 20:28
  Compiling/SWIGing from scratchSeth Merriman32018-07-19 14:24
  Pcell connectivity retrieval and creationSos Aleksanyan32018-07-17 07:52
  Retrieve Pcell's connectivitySos Aleksanyan22018-06-05 01:44
  Need old OA standardfionaaisenberg02018-04-02 14:43
  oa command to access cdf attributes like defvalue, display etcKeerthan kumar02018-03-29 00:56
  oaArray, oaParamArray, and oaParam need more modern interfaceRob Lefebvre22018-03-16 16:48
  How to get net expression by Python OA scriptTonyLuan02018-03-10 01:41
  Create SEL or IL evaluator textQuan Nguyen02018-02-27 02:35
  oaDMAttr string lengthPaul K Rodman22018-02-26 13:25
  turning oaShape into oaTextJeff Venuti32018-01-30 11:59
  How to merge 2 bus net with the same base nameQuan Nguyen12017-12-27 02:06
  Net name changes when check and save design in virtuosoYao LI32017-12-27 02:05
  Group pin and wire to move togetherQuan Nguyen12017-12-11 11:37
  OpenAccess HelloWorldKenneth Brun Nielsen92017-11-28 08:47
  Insert pcell instance into a blockJason42017-11-16 19:58
  Setting pin orientationPaul K Rodman32017-11-10 16:08
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