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Your company should download, sign, and submit OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017). See See License Information Here!

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Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
  How to merge 2 bus net with the same base nameQuan Nguyen12017-12-27 02:06
  Net name changes when check and save design in virtuosoYao LI32017-12-27 02:05
  Group pin and wire to move togetherQuan Nguyen12017-12-11 11:37
  OpenAccess HelloWorldKenneth Brun Nielsen92017-11-28 08:47
  Insert pcell instance into a blockJeon Yong Hwan42017-11-16 19:58
  Setting pin orientationPaul K Rodman32017-11-10 16:08
  Am I using transforms correctly?Paul K Rodman12017-10-26 02:02
  The Best Human Hair Weave For Black Women’s Hairrebecca dunphy02017-10-11 02:16
  Update on oaOccTraverser?James D. Masters22017-10-11 02:12
  How can I get all the shapes in the instance?JerryYang212017-10-05 15:24
  stub or "unbound" references Paul K Rodman02017-10-04 13:33
  Turning off oaFSLockD?Paul K Rodman22017-10-04 13:32
  spef2oa and oaLumpedElmoreJannich Thorsen12017-09-28 15:13
  Red Human Hair Wigsrebecca dunphy02017-09-22 00:44
  wig for womenrebecca dunphy02017-09-22 00:39
  Plug-in vs OA libraries version compatibility van Leuven Peter42017-08-22 09:07
  Issue while accessing oaInterPointerAppDef property with OA22.50p64 releaseMilan12017-08-14 12:14
  How do I iterate through all shapes in a group?Larry Edwards32017-07-17 15:09
  scratch designsJeff Wilson12017-06-26 16:34
  Build from src: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getLibName' Nandish Kolur Somasekhara22017-06-23 16:01
  Installation of OA22.50p064 Incremental releaseMilan82017-06-20 06:30
  Exception "Invalid String Index" during call of oaModNet::create() ?Milan22017-05-17 07:04
  How to use the downloaded libraries?Vijay Chadalavada22017-05-12 13:19
  what are contained in oaDev tarball?Liu Chi-Yu52017-04-26 08:39
  how to read the database from constraints manager?Yao LI02016-10-25 05:46
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