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By: Qi Wang
RE: Query on RTL+CPF check for creating_isolation_rule [ reply ]  
2008-02-16 00:52

this may be due to the fact that you do not have any isolation cells defined in CPF. Please define a isolation cell using define_isolaiton_cell command and try it out again.


By: vivek
Query on RTL+CPF check for creating_isolation_rule [ reply ]  
2008-02-13 01:34
Hi ,
I am trying to do RTL+CPF check, it is only for CPF quality check. So i have not included any library information in cpf.
For the isolation rule - I am using "creating_isolation_rule with options:
create_isolation_rule -name iso_rule4 -from PDmain -isolation_condition {!p_inst/p[0]} -isolation_output low.

I am using conformal low power tool to verify the cpf quality check.The tool gives me error :
Isolation rule ignored because there is no matching isolation cell type
Default Severity
There is no isolation cell with the type specified in the isolation rule that can be found in the
libraries specified.

Can anyone tell me what's the reason for that.


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