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Contributions to OpenAccess add value to the OA "ecosystem" by making it possible to leverage OA functionality, extensibility, data, and documentation across the entire OpenAccess community. By contributing useful OA-based technology, you may be able to influence the industry to certain usage patterns of the information model that are consistent with your applications' usage. Furthermore, you may be able to encourage new uses of OpenAccess in application domains that are especially important to your work.
Currently Contributions are organized by project attributes. These include:
OpenAccess Contribution Process
The OpenAccess Coalition Contributions Process Work Group (CPWG) has defined a recommended process for OpenAccess community contributions.
  • Initial contact for proposed contributions:
    • For individuals in Si2 member companies, the prospective contributor contacts the company's OpenEDA.Si2 site coordinator with the interest of contributing.
    • The company site coordinator or the individual contacts Si2 regarding the intended contribution. The Si2 representative will work with the coordinator or interested contributor on the details for contributing.
  • Considerations for contributing include:
    • Legal documents for contributions:
      • The company or individual prepares and submits a Certificate of Originality to Si2 for the materials that they wish to contribute.
      • The company or individual specifies a license to be associated with the contribution which defines it's terms of use by the companies or individuals who download the contribution.
      • The OpenAccess Coalition Contributions Process Working Group recommends consideration of one of the following licenses, the Common Public License, the Apache License,or the Boost License.
    • Support Profile:
      • The contributor also submits a Support Profile to Si2 which provides those interested in using the contribution with a sense of how well the contribution will be supported.
        • This document does not specify any absolute commitment to any level of support. It only gives a sense of the contributor's own level of interest in keeping the contribution current with new releases of OA and fixing defects or even making suggested enhancements for the company‚Äôs own use.
        • A comment section is available that can be used to describe the value of maintaining the contribution to the contributor's company since this can clarify the expected level of support.
    • Contribution Project creation:
      • If accepted, Si2 will create an project for the contribution with the features:
        • Bug and Feature Request trackers.
        • Discussion Forum for questions.
        • User viewable copies of the Certificate of Originality for the contributed materials.
        • User viewable support information entered by the contributor for the project materials.

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