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OpenAccess Gear (OAGear)

February 17, 2010: OAGear was an academic community project on the Si2 site from 2005 through 2009. The site has been discontinued. The OAGear project is currently suspended and unsupported - however the latest release and the forum discussions may be of educational use to many. Si2 has decided to offer OAGear here as an unsupported project.

OpenAccess Gear

OAGear Open Discussion Forum Archive 2005-2009
OAGear Help Forum Archive 2005-2009

OpenAccess Gear (OA Gear) is a toolkit for extending the utility of OpenAccess, a powerful database for EDA tools.

OA Gear is targeted towards academic researchers who wish to use OpenAccess and are looking for software components to integrate into their own research. However, industry professionals are also welcome to use OA Gear. To this end, OA Gear is released under an open source license. The file COPYING is packaged in release downloads and contains the open source license.


OA Gear currently consists of the following tools:

  • Static timing engine (OA Gear Timer)
  • Extensible graphic user interface (OA Gear Bazaar)
  • Placement interface (OA Gear CapoWrapper)
  • Functional/logical representation package (OA Gear Func)
  • And-inverter graph package (OA Gear Ai)
  • Benchmarks

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External News, Publications and Presentations

2008-01-04 Third IEEE Programming Challenge at the International Workshop on Logic and Sythesis (IWLS) announced.

2006-12-20 Second IEEE Programming Challenge at the International Workshop on Logic and Sythesis (IWLS) announced.

2006-11-10 Fast Simulation and Equivalence Checking Using OpenAccess, Igor Markov, David Papa et al, 9th OpenAccess+ Conference. (Slides)

2006-07-01 First IEEE Programming Challenge at IWLS, CEDA Newsletter July 2006.

2006-06-08 Synthesis contest winners offer new algorithms, Richard Goering, EE Times.

2006-01-26 Utility of the OpenAccess Database in Academic Research, David Papa, Igor Markov, and Philip Chong, ASPDAC 2006. (Slides)

2005-12-20 First IEEE Programming Challenge at the International Workshop on Logic and Synthesis (IWLS) announced.

2005-11-10 OpenAccess Gear Functionality: A Platform for Functional Representation, Synthesis and Verification, Aaron Hurst, OA Conference 2005. (Slides)

2005-06-14 New Benchmarks in OpenAccess released at the International Workshop on Logic Synthesis (IWLS).

2005-04-18 EDA TOOLS: Frameworks renew life for OpenAccess, Richard Goering, EE Times.

2005-04-04 Early Research Experience With OpenAccess Gear: An Open Source Development Environment For Physical Design. (Slides), Zhong Xiu, David A. Papa, Philip Chong, Christoph Albrecht, Andreas Kuehlmann, Rob A. Rutenbar, and Igor L. Markov, ISPD 2005.

2005-01-17 Open-source project looks to ignite EDA research, Richard Goering, EE Times.

2004-11-14 Collaboration Beyond The Database: OpenAccess Gear, Philip Chong, OA Developer's Forum 2004. (Slides)

2004-09-16 OpenAccess Gear, David Papa, GSRC Symposium. (Slides, Poster)