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Si2 OpenAccess Online Course22 Features

Course Info

QuickTour (New - December 2008)

The new, QuickTour icon (in the nav bar at the top of the latest, on-line Course version of the Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial) offers a convenient speed-Course through the OA API. For the engineer too busy for the saturation-level treatment, the QuickTour will give you a good dose of API in about 3 hours.

The P and N buttons navigate a special path through selected Course pages – enough for a thorough taste of the OpenAccess API richness, while skipping over the bulk of the details.

Each page in the Tour is a full-fledged Course page,

  • with all the latest material (such as links, illustrations, tables, and cross-references)
  • intact and in context
  • in the same, incremental, skill-development presentation order
  • automatically kept current as the Course versions through its update cycle.
At any time, you can take a side trip to sections off the Tour, the API docs, even references outside OpenEDA. The nav bar even allows picking up the regular, in-depth Course sequence (PREV and NEXT buttons) at any point. No matter where you end up, the P and N will get you back on the Tour where you left off.

Clicking the Tour icon will [un]highlight Tour pages in left nav frame, as they are visited, to help track where the Tour has taken you.

Collaborative Environment

The Si2 Online Course now features an integrated environment that supports Community contributions to the learning process. Users can now participate actively in the development of the OA Course content in order to:

  • provide corrections to errors for immediate benefit to other engineers
  • solicit help by posting questions where the material needs more explanation
  • improve the effectiveness of the tutorial by adding explanations
  • extend the coverage of the tutorial into new areas
  • add developer 'tips and tricks'
  • contribute more code examples
  • reference other publications of relevance to OA topics

A convenient "Comments" button appears on the navigation bar at the top of each page throughout the Si2 Online Course to enable association of contributed material to any:

  • specific page
  • individual lab
  • chapter as a whole

Online Course Deltas

The OpenAccess Online Course includes pages generated by the Si2Delta tool which shows exact differences from the previous edition of the course to the current course. Differences are at page-level granularity in an easy-to-read display format and enables course veterans to bone up on just the changes.

Check the Release Notes for a list of major changes to the course.

Si2 Online Course Release Notes

Release Date Release Notes
22.43 12th Edition V1.0 (p004) 2012-09-26 16:30:00
OA 22.43p004 release

12th Edition Highlights

= New lab:

= Updated for OA 22.42p002 and 22.43p004, including
     . data compression
     . 28nm constraints
     . scratch designs
     . updated material based on new features, behavior, and documentation

Labs have been tested on Linux platforms only.

22.41 11th Edition V1.0 (p008) 2011-08-31 16:49:00
OA 22.41p008 release
md5sum  8756328ae166856ef0de315e360208e5  labs20110812.tar.gz
md5sum  6242ad0f1f4942696e20df9bb34d99c8  OpenAccess22EleventhEdCd.si2.pdf

11th Edition Highlights

= New labs:
             occproducer          multithread      purpose         threadwriters           
             recursion            si2mutex         timestamp       techattach           
             threadusemodel       cvprimary        traits                              

= New sections:
  - multi-threading
  - 32nm Constraints
  - pcellfileobserver (labs: pcell and pcellfilelabs)

= Additional semantics added for releases through 22.41p008  
  - ViewTypes
  - PlugIns
  - Glossary

2.2.04 10th Edition V1.0 (p064) 2010-07-26 08:17:00
DM4 p064 
- Enhancements to sections throughout the material, including = Exceptions = Error Observers = Design lIbrary & file management = PlugIn architecture = Pcells = oaEvalText = oaTextDisplay = CMap = FigGroupQuery = IText = Uniquification = Annotation challenges - APIs and behavior updates from 22.04p044 to 22.04p064; e.g.: = Physical-only Insts = Tech Undo = Undo for uniquify = Implicit equivalence = Modified semantics, for example, - a Net created with a hierarchical name must not be visible to the Module Domain - a Pcell Design can no longer contain parasitics - New exercises throughout the course - New labs = errobservers - Linkable module to catch errors not reported via Exception = multiplug - Example of multiple PlugIns in the same DLL = pcelltcl - Example of a Pcell evaluator written in Tcl = pcdefdata - Example uses of name/value data for Pcell superMasters
2.2.04 9th Edition V1.0 (p044) 2009-07-14 11:41:00
DM4 p044
In addition to numerous typo fixes, additional Glossary entries, cross-references, and format improvements, the following summarizes the major areas of new instructional material - Enhancements to descriptions of = Tutorial/course overview and labs = Arrays = Block domain overrides = filter flags for connectivity Objects in the Block domain = Constraint model = detecting and controlling OA events = C++ compiler errors = application extensions = design libraries = Sites and Rows = RegionQuery = effects of closing, purging, and destroying Designs = Module detach & embed semantics · Props · undo = holes in Shapes = multi-bit Net, Term, and InstTerm connection semantics = undo Observers = Pcells · general overview · Params = new or improved Glossary entries -APIs and behavior updates from 22.04p028 to 22.04p044; e.g.: = new undo functions = remastering InstHeaders = PathSeg boundary = StdVia snap to grid -New exercises throughout the course -New labs: = occinsts = tech = pcparamprop
2.2.04 8th Edition V1.0 (p028) 2008-12-11 14:45:00
OA 22.04p028 update
- Updated Object and relationship semantics to OA 22.04p028 level - Added two new chapters: = "Inherited Connections" (a detailed explanation of Assigned Connection semantics) = "Adapting the API to the App" (a compendium of extension and customization techniques useful with the OA API) - Enhanced descriptions of = expanded Occurrence hierarchy = Vias = hidden InstTerms and Terms = purpose-aware Constraints = oaProps = PCell SuperMaster - Expanded the Glossary - Added new OccShape lab
2.2.04 7th Edition V1.0 (p007) 2008-03-12 11:01:00
OA 22.04p007 update
- Enhanced descriptions of behavioral details in many areas especially such areas as, = DM4 Constraints = InstTerm "hide" semantics and cross-Domain significance = filterFlags for Iters in the Block Domain = Net equivalence specifics across the 3 Domains = Occurrence Domain InstHeader scoping = NameSpace bundle notation rules = Blockage subclass differences - Expanded the Glossary - Incorporated errata to date - Added new Tcl lab
2.2.04 6th Edition V1.1 (p007) 2007-11-15 08:59:00
DM4 version (22.04.007)
- Updated Object and relationship semantics to OA 22.04p007 level - All the new DM4 objects and relationships (p007) - Errata accumulated since 5th edition - Many enhancements throughout to text, illustrations, tables - New labs
2.2 5th Edition V1.1 2007-06-22 13:49:00
2.2.6p052 update
- The Si2 2.2 5th Edition V1.1 Tutorial and Labs have been updated to OpenAccess release OA 2.2.6 (2.2_p052) - Errata, as well as upgrades to the instructional text, have been applied

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