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Site Information Notices:
1) Si2 uses Auth0 for user authentication. Recently, Auth0 implemented necessary heightened security for 1) leaked passwords and 2) brute-force login attempts. IF YOU GET AN ERROR ON LOGIN ( Note: AT TOP of Login Form ) ---- AND SEE one of these POSSIBLE error messages:
  • Possible Error Message: password-leak. This error indicates that a password, used by the same user-name or user email-address, was leaked from a different site. IF you get this error!! You must change your Si2 password.
  • Possible Error Message: too_many_attemps. TEN consecutive, unsuccessful, login attemps will cause a block on an account.
    IF you get this error!! YOU MUST CONTACT Si2 to UNBLOCK your account at Auth0.

Si2 OpenAccess Extension Downloads, like oaScript and oaxPop, currently require the signed OpenAccess ESG License v 2.0 January 31, 2013. This license is being replaced SOON by the OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017). Your company should download, sign, and submit OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017). See See License Information Here!
How to Get an Account
Move Account Info Uses Email-Address Logins.

Why email-address logins?
  • Users forget their unique "login name" or "handle" and create duplicate accounts.
  • Email-addresses are by definition already unique.

Login names (handles) will continue to be part of an user account. They will be used within the site to identify the user in situations where anonymity is an option (example: trackers, forums).

Login names will continue to work for login to the site.

Common user account dilemmas policy: A user account follows the user. A user account history includes company changes as well as other account activities. Due to licensing issues, download activity remains with a company. A user is never purged from the database, even if deleted, so that their history of download activity is always available within the logs of their company at the time.

Let us Move your account.

  • You have a Visitor account but your company now has a account on What should you do?

    Contact the Site Admin and request that your current account be moved to your company area. A company domain email-address will be required.

  • You work for a different company now. Create a new account under your new company?

    No. Contact the Site Admin and request that your current account be moved to your new company. A new company domain email-address will be required.

  • If you HAD more than one user account with identical email-addresses in August 2006, all but one was disabled.
    We are sorry if we disabled the wrong account. In most cases, users had a Visitor account as well as a company account of some kind. Our policy, in cleaning up for unique email-addresses, was to disable duplicate-email-address Vistor accounts as they have low access to features.

  • Confused? Problem? Contact the Site Admin. Thanks - Si2Admin

Process: Moving an account to a different "company"

  1. Contact the Site Admin and request that your current user account be moved to a different company area. A target company domain email-address will be required.
  2. The site admin will:
    • Switch the company your user account is affiliated with to the new company and change the email address to reflect your new address. You will receive an email notification at the new email address.
    • Temporarily tag your account status as "Suspended".
      Note: Your previous company coordinator would have Deleted your account when you left the company,
      but it never leaves our database even when Deleted. Any previously active account can be moved.
    • Notify the company coordinator that a user has been moved to their company accounts and is waiting for re-activation.
      Note: Si2 company account are monitored by the company coordinators since licensed materials are downloaded from We defer activation of company accounts to the ccordinators whenever possible. If your account is not activated within a few days, please contact your company coordinator or contact the Site Admin.

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