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Applications Notes from John McGehee
Consultant John McGehee shows you how to Make Stuff Happen™ in OpenAccess.
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Applications Notes from John McGeheeMonitor this package

Consultant John McGehee shows you how to Make Stuff Happen™ in OpenAccess.
   App Notes    (Readme Notes) 2011-02-28 09:06
Related Link: RioMagic Lives by John McGehee
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2011-02-28 09:10:10) Related Information (?)
Related Link: Eclipse IDE with OpenAccess by John McGehee
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2011-02-28 09:49:05) Related Information (?)
Related Link: API vs. File Exchange by John McGehee
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2011-02-28 09:49:51) Related Information (?)
Related Link: Use Multilingual UTF-8 Strings with any OpenAccess Version by John McGehee
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2011-02-28 11:49:26) Related Information (?)
Related Link: Modify OpenAccess to Handle Multilingual UTF-8 Strings Natively by John McGehee
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2011-02-28 11:50:03) Related Information (?)
Related Link: Japanese Language String Processing in OpenAccess (in Japanese) by John McGehee
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2011-02-28 11:50:55) Related Information (?)
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App Notes ArchiveMonitor this package

   App Notes    (Readme Notes) 2009-09-11 11:48
Related Link: Cadence Virtuoso and Encounter Interoperability using OpenAccess 2.2
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2006-03-16 11:52:04) Related Information (?)
Related Link: Controllable Automation and Interoperability Standards: Scaling Custom Digital Layout for Next-Generation Chip Design by Rich Morse and Mitch Heins
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2010-11-22 10:25:18) Related Information (?)
Related Link: PCell Caching in OpenAccess - SpringSoft
     (Lic ?)
(Posted:2010-11-22 10:30:14) Related Information (?)
  Pcells.ppt     (Lic ?)2009-09-11 11:51:43Documentationmulti-platform1784832
  Si2_Application_Specific_EDA.pdf     (Lic ?)2005-09-16 12:29:27OpenAccess Application Notemulti-platform1133350
  Si2_Extending_OpenAccess.pdf     (Lic ?)2005-09-16 12:25:28OpenAccess Application Notemulti-platform641432
  Si2_Rocket_Timing_Views.pdf     (Lic ?)2005-09-16 12:27:00OpenAccess Application Notemulti-platform1303761
  SI2_RTL_into_OpenAccess.pdf     (Lic ?)2005-09-16 12:28:00OpenAccess Application Notemulti-platform416817
  Si2_Tcl_on_OpenAccess.pdf     (Lic ?)2005-10-03 15:53:39Documentationmulti-platform1251447

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