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Release Name: si2delta 1.2

This package contains the scripts that Si2 uses to find and display 
differences between the HTML files that comprise different OA releases.

The result of running the software in this package is an index page with 
clickable links to OA API docs that are unique or have not changed, and 
links to pages that display side-by-side comparisons of OA API doc pages 
that have changed.

All hyperlinks are made using absolute path names.  This allows the diff 
results to reside in a directory outside of the OA API doc tree.

Si2 runs the scripts on SuSE Linux.

The scripts require the following software:
 html2text - If you don't have this, you can get it at
  diff      - Should already be on your system.
  php       - Should already be on your system.

Changes: Widened diff output for "inherited member" files to minimize false differences. Added a script to compare any two text files.

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