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OPDKC Specifications


Release Name: V1.0

The OpenPDK Schematic Symbol Standard V1.0 consists of the following document and packages:

* OpenPDK Schematic Symbol Standard V1.0
* The normative XSD: si2_odpkSymbol_V1.0_2012-05-24.xsd
* The oPDK_Symbol_Std_V1.0_Reference_symbolLib_oa22_.tgz which is made up of the
Analog symbol library and the newly contributed SoringSoft source symbols library. The library 
is in OpenAccess format.
* The OPDK_Symbol_Std_V1.0_Reference_SymbolLib catalog.tar.gz which contains the Reference XML
dumped from the Reference library using James Masters (Intel) Ruby Tools oa2xml and oa2svg. The catalog contains the reference XML for each of the 89 symbols in the reference library,
svg images for all symbols, and an overview with pin locations and symbol extents and instance boundary.
* A snapshot of repository for the RUBY TOOLS: OPDK_Symbol_STD_V1.0_Ruby_Tools_asof_052512.tar.gz 



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