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Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above


Release Name: 5.80-p013


Licensed Materials and Abstract

Cadence hereby submits the following material ("Licensed Material") to Si2:


1.    Updated Documentation for the LEF/DEF API Format Specification Version 5.8 P013


The LEF/DEF API Format Specification version 5.8 P013 includes the following updates:


1.       Documentation for new callbacks in the LEF parser:
    extern void lefrSetMacroSiteCbk(lefrMacroSiteCbkFnType);
    extern void lefrSetMacroForeignCbk(lefrMacroForeignCbkFnType);
    extern void lefrUnsetMacroSiteCbk();
    extern void lefrUnsetMacroForeignCbk();



The Licensed Material is contained in the following kit as attached to this email: lefdefrefDoc05.80-p013.t.Z





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