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Si2 Common Power Format (CPF)


Release Name: CPF 1.1 with Errata

The Si2 CPF Specification Version 1.1 provides additional descriptive capability, 
especially for hierarchical flow, IP integration, macro modeling, secondary domain 
specification, and others.

This release includes the original CPF 1.1 Specification dated September 19, 2008, 
with a page of errata appended to the end.

The document of errata is also included as a separate file for those who already 
have the specification and only wish to see the errata.

Specification + Errata:

Errata only:

Changes: There are no changes in this CPF 1.1 Specification from the original CPF 1.1 Specification except for the addition of an Errata page at the end. For a detailed list of changes betwen CPF 1.0 and CPF 1.1, please see the "Summary of Changes" on page 6 of the Si2 CPF Specification Version 1.1.

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