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Latest File Releases
Package Latest Version Date Notes / Monitor View
MOSVAR Varactor Model MOSVAR 1.3.0 July 2015 July 2, 2015 Release Notes - Monitor this package View
CMC R2 Resistor Model Level 1002CMC R2 Resistor Model Level 1002 Revision 0.0 - November 2005 September 4, 2014 Release Notes - Monitor this package View
CMC R3 3-Terminal Resistor and JFET ModelCMC r3_cmc 3-Terminal Resistor and JFET Model Release 1.0.0 2007Jun12 September 4, 2014 Release Notes - Monitor this package View
Diode CMCDiode_CMC 2.0.0 Update 09/2016 September 23, 2016 Release Notes - Monitor this package View
Standard SPICE LanguageVersion 0_0_0 September 10, 2014 Release Notes - Monitor this package View

Latest News
CMC_Diode 2.0.0 Updated Code& Doc   Si2 Admin - 2016-09-23 11:47   [CMC Public Distributions]
1) Update of the verilogA code of the diode_CMC model v2.0.0 with Si2 CMC in-code statement and an update of the diode_CMC documentation: Recovery_Model_in_Diode_CMC_ver200_lev2002_rev3.pdf 2) JunCap2 Version 200.5.0 with Si2 CMC in-code statement.

Updated Diode_CMC   Si2 Admin - 2016-03-24 11:55   [CMC Public Distributions]
The source code for diode_CMC 2.0 has been updated. An additional parameter FREV was introduced to control the current after reverse breakdown.

CMC_Diode 2.0.0: Documentation Updated   Si2 Admin - 2015-12-07 10:35   [CMC Public Distributions]
The Diode_CMC 2.0.0 release has been updated with a rev2 of the documents: Recovery_Model_in_Diode_CMC_ver200_lev2002_rev2.pdf Download requires a user login.

CMC_Diode_ver200_lev2002 posted   Si2 Admin - 2015-09-11 10:10   [CMC Public Distributions]
The diode_CMC production release (diode_cmc_150902) and the documentation of the model including the equations that were implemented in 2009 have been posted

CMC News: MOSVAR1.3.0 has been posted   Si2 Admin - 2015-07-27 11:15   [CMC Public Distributions]
CMC New Release for MOSVAR Varactor Model: MOSVAR 1.3.0 has been posted for the public. Download requires Si2 login account. See other Model releases at:


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