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Si2 Wiki Conventions

Creating a page from a link

You create new wiki pages by just going to a new page title.

To avoid mistakes in the titles, many of us like to insert a link in an existing page to our new page so that we can carefully compose the title. We then click on the link to the new page and start editing.

It is a smart and useful method. You can always start from a Sandbox. Our wiki sites have a Sandboxes category (Browse Categories). Create your new page title as a link from the sandbox.

[[My New Page Title]]

Metadata - Categories

The Mediawiki software, used by the Si2 wikis, allows you to add metadata in the form of categories to your page(s). This is especially useful for Si2 wikis that are viewable by the public.

Articles that could answer a question, intentionally or otherwize, about a major topic like OpenAccess can be tagged with the catergory OpenAccess FAQ. Instantly the article is included on the Category:OpenAccess FAQ page's list of articles.

A user, editor, can add an article, tag it and be done. No need to find a main article or an FAQ list page and add the link. Add category syntax, just include it at the bottom of your page:

Adding these tags creates links at the bottom of an article which point to an easy to browse list of all pages in a category, Create new categories by just using them! See user guide on Mediawiki categories.

Wikipedia is a Great Example of Using Categories

Wikipedia, what the Mediawiki software we use was written for, has many examples of the use and power of a hierarchy of categories. An easy to follow example:

Check the current categories on our wikis. See Browse Catgories in the navigation box on the left side of every page.