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Si2 oaScript Version v3.3 Posted   Si2 Admin - 2016-07-21 14:07   [oaScript Extension Language Bindings]
The OA Scripting WG has released v3.3 of the Si2oaScript OpenAccess API extension language bindings for Perl, Python, Ruby and Tcl. This release is available to ALL OAC members.

LEF/DEF 5.8 p015 parser toolkits posted.    Si2 Admin - 2016-06-20 12:02   [Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above]
The LEF/DEF version 5.8 P015 parser toolkit includes the following changes: 1) Fix for ITS bug #1589: lef2oa unable to handle newlines in LEF58_TYPE layer properties The source code and documentation for the Licensed Materials are contained in the following kits: def_5.8-p015.tar.Z; lef_5.8-p015.tar.Z. The parsers contained in the Licensed Materials are required to compile the LEF and DEF translator code supplied with the Open Access 22.50 release. They should be used when compiling the translators in OA 22.50-P047 and later releases. The kits contained in the Licensed Materials are not compatible with the Open Access 22.43 release. The parsers supplied in the lef/def_5.8-p002.tar.Z kits should be used to compile the lef/def translators supplied with the OpenAccess 22.43 release.

oa22.50p047 posted    Si2 Admin - 2016-06-20 11:18   [OpenAccess Releases]
oa22.50p047, an Incremental Source Release, has been posted. This release is available to OAC members only.

LEF DEF v5.8p006 Format Specification Posted    Si2 Admin - 2016-05-25 09:19   [Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above]
Updated Documentation for the Cadence LEF/DEF API Format Specification Version 5.8 P006 includes: 1) Specification reference document with a TRIMPOLY layer type. 2) It also restores missing LEF58_TYPE values from the LEF 5.7 format specification.

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