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Low Power Workshop - DAC 2009
SUNDAY July 26, 2009 

Low-Power Coalition Workshop: Advances in Low-Power Design Throughout the Design Flow

Organizers: Si2 and the Low-Power Coalition

The Low-Power Coalition (LPC) of Si2 has defined and published a power-aware reference flow that is recommended to the industry, including the power closure points and information available throughout the flow, from Electronic System Level (ESL) through implementation. This flow will be discussed. To aid in automating many of the steps along the tool chain, a draft power intent data model and associated Application Procedural Interface (API) are being defined that will work seamlessly with the OpenAccess API and information model. We will provide an early view of this data model and API. In addition, enhancements have been made to extend the Common Power Format (CPF), an Si2 standard first released as v1.0 in March 2007 and v1.1 in September 2008.

The current status and future direction of the format will be presented, including progress made since the last Low-power Workshop at DAC 2008; format interoperability goals and plans, and end-user experiences with the technology developed and implemented so far. A panel will discuss “What’s Next,” focusing on areas in which power flows, models, and formats might be extended to support additional power-aware design approaches, such as adaptive methods, asynchronous methods, etc. A selection of advanced tools to improve power-aware design, developed by EDA companies, will also be presented.

Workshop Presentations:
Introduction to the Low Power Coalition:                                                       
Susan Runowicz-Smith, Cadence – Vice-Chair of the LPC

Low Power Design Interoperability Requirements: Looking Ahead!              
Qi Wang, Cadence, Vice Chair of the LPC Technical Steering Group

LPC Modeling Requirements for a Low Power Flow                                      
Jerry Frenkil, Sequence, Member, Modeling WG

LPC Data Model and API                                                                                
Judith Richardson, AMD, Member, Data Model and API WG

End-user Adoption Aids                                                                                              
Jake Buurma, Si2


EDA Tool Developers for Low Power                                                              
Steve Carlson, Cadence Design Systems,
Jerry Frenkil, Sequence Design
Kiran Vittal, Atrenta
Anmol Mathur, Calypto Design Systems,
Bob Smith, Magma

Panel Discussion  Moderator, Sumit DasGupta, Si2, Austin, TX                                                       
“What’s next in Low Power”
Dr. Gary Delp

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