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Process Design Kits Workshop

Advances in Process Design Kits - Workshop
Date: Monday, June 14, 2010
Time: 1pm-4pm
Meeting room:    207C
Free Admission, Register at DAC Website:
Organizers: Si2 and the Open PDK Coalition

Process Design Kits (PDKs) are the fundamental building blocks for all electronic designs. Adopting a set of standards to specify PDK content and interfaces will offer many advantages. Foundries will be able to offer fewer, more robust kits thus reducing their costs and increase their ability to communicate the essential functionality, performance, predictability, and reusability of their OpenPDK’s to the rest of the industry. EDA companies will be able to write tools to standard data definitions and interfaces to enable a higher level of interoperability and consistent usage across tools and flows. For end-users, the resultant reduction in barriers to migrating designs and reusing IP will ease their design challenges thus accelerating their path to working silicon. This workshop will introduce all of the aspects of PDKs and the presenters will describe the state of the art and make recommendations for future work in the following areas. Interoperable Schematic Symbols, Design Parameter Specification, Callback Specifications, Pcells, SPICE Sockets, Technology File enhancements, and Process Retargeting and Verification. The workshop is aimed at providers and consumers of Process Design Kits from across the industry.

Workshop Program Chair: Nick English

Introduction to the Open PDK Coalition: Steve Schulz, Si2

Open PDK Plans and Directions: Looking Ahead!: Sumit DasGupta, Si2

End-User Perspective: James Masters / Jose Del Cano, Intel

Foundry Perspective: Andy Brotman, Global Foundries

EDA Industry Perspective
John Stabenow, Cadence Design Systems
Linda Fosler and Ernie Koeroghlian, Mentor Graphics
Duncan McDonald, SpringSoft
Kevin Kranen, Synopsys

Panel Discussion (all presenters): Chair: James Spoto, Sunrise Micro Devices    35 minutes
“What’s next in OpenPDKs”

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