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Open3D TAB Intro

Open3D Technical Advisory Board (TAB) Introduction

The Open3D Technical Advisory Board (TAB) participation is drawing from a wide range of the supply chain, including fabless leaders, packaging / OSAT, foundries, and system / OEMs. Open3D will also be engaging a number of experts across the research and academic community for their domain knowledge.
Open3D TAB is scoped to define open standard interfaces and formats to enable interoperable 2.5D and 3D design flows, providing common interfaces, but not
infringing upon any proprietary algorithms, products, or methodologies based on Si2’s member-approved and well-accepted IP Policy.

Several technology contributions have already been offered, and there is substantial industry pressure for the first baseline with specification to be ready for standardization by 2Q2012. Based upon TAB member input, standards development is proceeding in 3 phases in time:

1. Design exchange formats / API’s and sub-flows (ex. Partitioning / floorplanning constraints
for design of tiers, tier-to-tier constraints for micro-bump exclusion zones, thermal / mechanical
stress, etc.)

2. Model exchange formats / API’s and sub-flows (ex. Electrical, thermal, mechanical models
of adjacent tiers)

3. Format / API standards support for full heterogeneous and homogeneous 3D design
methodologies (e.g. ‘pathfinding’)

Major Accomplishments - 2011

• Coalition and structures established, staffed with member representatives

• Posted Request for Technology requesting contributions of proven specifications to accelerate standardization process

• Defined 3 working groups, then staffed and started one of them (Power DistributionNetwork working group)
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