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17th Si2Con Highlights


OCP-IP 3.1 Coming Soon

EDAC Issues MSS Data

3D Adoption Barriers - TechSearch International

Si2 Projects - Status Reports


Special Newsletter Content

This Si2 newsletter will be different than our normal offering, in that we are featuring news and articles from some of our affiliated organizations: OCP-IP, EDAC, and TechSearch International. Si2 cooperates with many different organizations in the semiconductor industry to foster cross-pollination of ideas and closer technical cooperation when appropriate. We think you'll find these articles quite interesting. We close with a brief report on project status for various Si2 activities.

17th Si2Con – October 9, Conference Highlights

The 17th Si2 Conference was held on October 9, 2012 in Santa Clara, CA. The Conference featured speakers and demonstrations from numerous leading semiconductor and electronic-design automation (EDA) companies and continued celebration of the 10th year anniversary of OpenAccess. Jim Hogan, EDA industry pioneer and venture capitalist, provided the keynote address, focusing on new requirements for custom design and how Si2 standards will help.

A major highlight of the Conference was the public commitment to the OpenDFM standard developed by Si2’s Design for Manufacturability Coalition.  This public endorsement came from IBM, Samsung Electronics Corporation, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and STMicroelectronics, the members of the International Semiconductor Development Alliance (ISDA) developing at advanced technology nodes. As stated by Jim Culp of IBM, the ISDA sees significant potential in using open standards to improve the quality and efficiency of communication not only between ISDA foundries, but also with their customers, and they are working with Si2 to develop the OpenDFM standard for implementation beyond 20nm. The complete presentation can be found at this link: All conference presentaions can be found at this link:

OCP 3.1 To Become Official Spec of Record, shortly

OCP 3.1 will soon be publicly released as the official spec of record.  What’s new in the latest version? OCP 3.1 adds several important capabilities, including: Flexible memory barriers, transaction counting parameters, transitions from proprietary OCP RTL.Conf files to the Accellera IP-XACT metadata format, and new cache coherence compliance material. These new features allow engineers to leverage OCP to ensure design IP reuse on the world’s most advanced leading-edge SoC products regardless of on-chip architecture, or which processor cores are featured. The complete article can be found at this link:

EDA Consortium MSS Second Quarter 2012 EDA Revenue Data

Each quarter, the EDA Consortium publishes the Market Statistics Service (MSS) report containing detailed revenue data for the EDA industry. The report compiles data submitted confidentially by both public and private EDA companies into tables and charts listing the data by both EDA category and geographic region. This information highlights the results for the second quarter of 2012. Additional details are available at this link:

3D Adoption Barriers- TechSearch International and Si2
This is an interview with Jan Vardaman of TechSearch International and Sumit DasGupta of Si2 concerning the barriers and opportunities in the development of 3D integrated circuits. Click here for the full interview:

Si2 Projects - Status Reports

This page provides a brief status on all Si2 projects. A more detailed report on 2012 accomplishments as well as 2013 plans will be published in late January in the Si2 Members Report. Please see the report at this link:


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