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Presentations from the Si2 Booth at DAC June 3-5 2013
  • OpenDFM, IBM, Jim Culp
  • Silicon Photonics,Phoenix BV,Arjen Bakker
  • Open Process Specification(OPS),STMicroelectronics,Gilles Namur
  • OpenAccess ,IBM, Leon Stok
  • Open Parasitic Exchange (OPEX),Synopsys ,Kevin Kranen
  • Open3D,Apache (ANSYS),Norman Chang
  • CMC ,Texas Instruments ,Keith Green
  • OpenDFM ,Texas Instruments ,Fred Valente
  • Low Power Modeling, Docea Power, Gene Matter
  • OpenAccess Scripting and OpenAccess oaDebug, Si2 ,Kevin Nesmith
  • DFM Standards ,Cadence ,Manoj Chacko
  • OPDKC ToolInterfaces ,Mentor Graphics,Mohamed Youssef
  • OpenAccess Polygon Operators, Intel ,James Masters
  • OpenDFM,Mentor Graphics,Tom Daspit
  • OpenAccess Scripting,Altera,Rudy Albachten
  • Silicon Photonics ,IMEC ,Wim Bogaerts
  • Low Power Modeling, NC State University,Rhett Davis
  • IP-Centric Power Aware Design Flow
    IBM,Nagu Dhanwada and David Hathaway
    Cadence, Qi Wang
    Si2, Jerry Frenkil
  • QA Flows for Open Standards
    IBM, Angela Johnson, Bob Sayah, Marco Facchini
    Intel, James Masters
    TI, Fred Valente
    Si2, Jake Buurma
  • Intro to OpenDFM Si2, Jake Buurma

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