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CMC Open Standards

CMC Open Standards

These are standards accomplished by the CMC.

Links to Homepages of Standard Models

New Models Released!
PSP 103.40
HiSIM_HV 2.3.2
BSIM-IMG 102.7.0
BSIM-CMG 110.0.0
HiSIM_HV 2.3.1
HiSIM 2.9.0
Diode_CMC 2.0.0
HiSIM_HV 2.3.0
MOSVAR 1.3.0
HiSIM_SOI 1.2.0
BSIM Independent Multi-Gate (BSIM-IMG)
HiSIM Silicon-On-Thin-Buried-oxide (HiSIM_SOTB)

Bulk MOS FET models
SOI and Multigate MOS FET models

High-Voltage MOS FET model
Bipolar Transistor models
CMC Models and APIs distributed by Si2

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