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Si2 OpenAccess Extension Downloads, like oaScript and oaxPop, NOW require the signed: OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017)
If your company has not already done so! (Check you My Page "License Approvals"):
It should download, sign, and submit OpenAccess ESG License V2.0.1 (March 15, 2017). See See License Information Here!

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CMC Open Standards

CMC Model Developers and Models

Links to Developer Sites for CMC Supported Standard Models

News on Recent Model Releases

HiSIM_HV 2.4.0 (August 29, 2017)
BSIM-BULK 106.2.0 (June 30,2017)

Bulk MOS FET models
SOI and Multigate MOS FET models

High-Voltage MOS FET model
Bipolar Transistor models
CMC Models and APIs distributed by Si2

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