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Si2 Compact Model Coalition
(AKA Compact Model Council)

An Industry Standard Approach to Compact Models

Since forming in 1995 the CMC's members and consultants have collaborated to develop, maintain, and standardize compact models for widely used semiconductor components.

Models available:

  • MOSFETs: BSIM3 (1995), BSIM4 (2000), PSP (2006) , HiSIM (2011), BSIM-CMG(2012)
  • SOI MOSFETs: BSIMSOI (2002), HiSIM_SOI (2012)
  • BJTs: MEXTRAM (2004), HICUM (2004)
  • LDMOS: HiSIM_HV (2007)
  • MOS Varactor: MOSVAR (2006)
  • Resistors: R2_CMC (2005), R3_CMC (2007)
  • Junction Diodes: DIODE_CMC (2009)

Other standards available:

  • Standard SPICE language (2012)

Additionally, the CMC developed guidelines for extracting well-proximity effect model instance parameters and a test suite for verifying the accuracy of Verilog-A implementations in circuit simulators. The CMC is currently working on selection of new standard models for SOI MOSFETs, ETSOI MOSFETs and GaN HEMT, as well as a common model interface.

The CMC standard models are perpetually available to anyone for any purpose. Developer retains copy right that must be acknowledged when code is distributed. This is provided by the standard statement included in the code.

How the CMC Operates
CMC membership is open to any companies with an interest in compact models. Members include foundries, fabless companies, integrated manufactures and EDA vendors. Standard models are selected after a broad search for candidates and a comprehensive evaluation. Final selection is by ballot. The CMC meets quarterly to discuss new models and improvements to existing models. Much of the CMC’s work is done by subcommittees of experts. Members can participate in as many subcommittees as they choose.

Why Join the CMC
Standard models make economic sense. They are supported by all major EDA vendors. Foundries only need to support standard models; designers are free to move to the best simulation tool for their work. Members have a say in what models become a standard. Models are continuously improved based on input from large numbers of users. CMC members have the opportunity to request enhancements specific to their needs. Members attend quarterly CMC meetings with leading industry and academic model developers, where they learn about technology developments, often before they are published in the literature. All of the information from the meetings is available to members. Potential members are invited to attend meetings to learn more about us.

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