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CMC Accomplishments

CMC Accomplishments

CMC General Accomplishments

Since the establishment of the CMC in 1996, standard models from the CMC have become widely used around the world. This is the result of a collaborative effort between industry and academia. Each of the CMC’s transistor models is supported by a university researcher, in most case the person who developed the model in the first place. The CMC provides input to the developer on what areas of development would be of most value to the industry, data from real world devices to enable the development and testing and debug of the models.

The CMC has also created models for passive components collaborative projects among the CMC members.

  • MOSFETs: BSIM3 (1996)
    • BSIM4 (2000)
    • PSP (2006)
    • HiSIM (2011)
    • HiSIM_SOI (2012)
  • Multigate MOSFETs: BSIM-CMG (2012)
  • BJTs: MEXTRAM (2004)
    • HiCUM (2004)
  • MOS Varactor: MOSVAR (2006)
  • LDMOS: HISIM_HV (2007)
  • Resistors: R2_CMC (2005)
  • 3_CMC (2007)
  • Junction Diodes: DIODE_CMC (2009)
  • Application Program Interface: TMI2 (2010)
  • CMC Standard Netlist Language and Model File Format (2012)

Additionally, the CMC developed guidelines for extracting well-proximity effect model instance parameters and a test suite for verifying the accuracy of Verilog-A implementations in circuit simulators.

As of 2012 the CMC is currently working on:

  • A selection of new standard models for ETSOI MOSFETs, and GaN HEMT
  • Developments of a reverse recovery model for Diode_CMC
  • Layout effect language
  • Pre-layout parasitics
  • Reliability interface
  • Standard operation point variables
  • Verilog-A recommended practices

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