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CMC Member Benefits

CMC Member Benefits

CMC Member Benefits

What are the specific benefits a company can expect to derive from their investment of money and time in the CMC?

Standard models

Having standard models makes economic sense. Prior to the formation of the CMC many major semiconductor manufacturers had their own proprietary MOSFET models, and many of these MOSFET models were implemented in one simulator, or at most a small number of simulators. Extracting parameters for a model is a task that requires highly skilled people, and it takes years for someone to become properly trained and expert in modeling. This costs a significant amount of money, much more than the annual CMC dues, and there is a significant "learning" phase for each major model that must be characterized.

Having standard models also means that these models are available in all simulators. If a company had its own model, and had only parameter sets for that model for their process technologies, they could not evaluate or use a new simulator if it did not support the model they used. Model implementation also costs money, so having standard models in commercial simulators also enables a company to move the newest and best simulator with the minimum amount of effort and cost.

Continued model improvement

The major expense of the CMC is money paid to universities to support compact models. Most compact models have come from universities, yet universities are not set up to provide professional, industrial quality support. This is critical for any model, and so besides driving model standardization, the CMC uses your dues to pay for model support. CMC dues directly help a company because they increase the quality of the models it uses.

Member Benefits - Influence to the standard models

The most important benefit of joining the CMC is that a company can influence the selection of, and direction of, compact models so that they best suit the company's needs. And in an on-going manner, when specific incremental enhancements are made to a model, CMC membership allows a company to request specific development. The requests for enhancements are prioritized by the CMC, but if a company is not a CMC member it cannot request specific changes for its own benefit.

Member Benefits - Touch the latest modeling technology

Another benefit is the information and contacts provided by attending CMC meetings. Top model developers and modelers from both university and industry attend CMC meetings. The CMC monitors implementation of standard models in commercial simulators and CMC meeting are an opportunity to work with EDA vendors on implementation of models important to your company. All bugs and model enhancements are reported and discussed at CMC meetings providing members with the latest information on model developments. Important process issues effecting modeling are presented at CMC meetings often before they are published in the technical literature.

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