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Open Pcell Workshop

Open PCell Standards Workshop
January 29, 2014, 1PM – 5PM
Network Meeting Center-Techmart in Santa Clara, CA
Directions and Parking info:


This workshop will solicit the widest range of inputs needed to set requirements for the emerging pcell standard, scheduled to be released by Si2 before the end of 2014.  The workshop will first review ongoing work with pcell technologies and the need for standards to improve the productivity of companies working in this area. Workshop participants will then discuss requirements, such as a common language with a write-once, use-many paradigm along with the use of industry-accepted methods for defining standard pcell data structures. The aligned requirements will directly drive 2014 development and release targets.


Si2 is inviting its members as well as other interested industry experts to participate. Workshop attendees should be experienced PCell developers, QA engineers, or design managers/directors that develop or fund the development of PDKs and PCells.


Welcome. Introductions and Instructions.    Steve Schulz, Si2                1:00 PM

Supply Chain Perspective: State of PCells
    Nick English, Si2            1:15 PM
Pcells: What’s the problem from the design-chain perspective?
(NIck_Jake_Ted Presentation)

   Based on confidential, in-depth interviews with industry experts,
   Nick will give an overview of what’s right and what’s wrong with the
   current approach toward developing PCells and what the current
   thinking is on what can and can’t be done about it.

Why Si2?   John Ellis, Si2        2:00 PM

(John Ellis Presentation)     Si2 Organization
    OpenPDK Goals and Principles

OpenPCells Approach    2:15 PM       
    Architecture: Jake Buurma, Si2

(Jake Pcell Architecture)

    Status: Ted Paone, Si2

(Ted OpenPCell Working Groups Status)

Contributions     2:45 PM
    PyCells API: Olaf Schneider, Synopsys
(PyCells API)

    Common Language / Translator: James Masters, Intel
(James Masters Common Language /Translator)

    PCell Example: Ted Paone, Si2
(PCell Example: Ted Paone)

(Ted Paone Language Questionaire)

Break                                                     3:15 PM

Industry Needs: Breakout Sessions  3:30 PM
    Requirements Discussion
    Breakouts: PCell developers, software developers

Review Breakout Session Results    4:30 PM

Next Steps / Milestones                      4:45 PM

Adjourn                                                  5:00 PM



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