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Compact Model Quality Assurance Standardization

Compact Model Quality Assurance Standardization

CMC Model Release and QA Working Group is tasked with:

  • Defining Model Release process for New Standard Models
  • Defining Model Release process for bug fixes and/or Enhancements to Existing Standard Models
  • Defining Testing Requirements for Standard Model QA
  • Maintaining an up-to-date Model QA suite for supported simulators
  • Working with EDA vendors to help running and debugging model QA issues
  • Defining standards for model versioning

CMC Standard Model QA Strategy

  • Unlike the physics behind model formulation, various aspects of a model definition and implementation methodology have been the source of many model issues in SPICE simulators.
  • At the model definition level, specification of multiplicity (m-factor) scaling, symmetric pin flipping (e.g. source and drain reversal for a MOSFET), and device polarity type (n- or p-polarity) have been the source of many errors in model definition and model implementations.
  • At the model implementation level there has been no standard method available to verify the implementation of a model in all simulators. For example, although basic I (V ) characteristics may be correct, more detailed parts of a device model, such as noise, have historically proven to give different results between different implementations.
  • To help model developers, model implementers, and model users, the CMC has defined a standard process for the QA testing of compact models.

Model QA Flow

  • Every model developer is responsible for defining a minimum set of model QA tests based on CMC QA template of tests
  • Reference results are used as golden reference – Model developer responsible for accuracy
  • Model developers responsible for running tests on the simulator that model is developed under
    • They run the tests for the initial model and each revision of the model
  • EDA vendors are responsible for running tests on each simulator update and for each model update
    • They run QA testing on every simulator version update and on very model version update

  • QA passing score is 0.01% accuracy versus Golden Reference
  • For failed tests CMC QA Working Group teams up with Model developers and EDA to resolve the issues

Layers of QA Testing

Three main layers:

  1. Initial QA run by model developers and following each model update
  2. Routine QA runs by the EDA vendors and completion reports of testing at CMC quarterly meeting – NO pass/fail results reported
  3. CMC-sponsored quarterly deep dive testing of a single model
    • Purpose is to determine how successful QA has been
    • Each EDA vendor runs detailed QA testing on selected models and reports results to the QA Working Group chair
    • QA Working Group chair receives the results privately and reports to the CMC anonymous to eliminate any business competitive conflicts
    • For failing tests the QA Working Group chair follows up individually with EDA vendors

Download Here: CMC Model QA and Release Suites
Available to CMC members and participating academics.

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