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Si2 Fall 2013 Newsletter


              Si2 Newsletter


                                                                                                       Fall, 2014



3D ASIP - Dec. 10-12

Voice Your Needs! Participate in Si2's 3D-IC Survey
TSMC Joins Si2's Board of Directors

DAC Booth Presentations Now Available

Open Process Specification with OpenPcell Components Now Available


3D ASIP Conference - Dec. 10-12, Register Now

The upcoming 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference (3D ASIP) will provide an opportunity for leaders from around the world to come together to discuss industry efforts and technology surrounding 2.5/3D device and systems integration and packaging. The 2014 3D ASIP conference will look at the entire eco-system, from design through manufacturing to market applications.

Si2 has been a sponsor of this excellent program for many years. This year, Steve Schulz, President and CEO of Si2, will deliver one of the keynote addresses, "A Design Ecosystem for Internet of Things, How 3D IC Standards will Enable a New Growth Paradigm".


This year's conference features an expanded pre-conference symposium agenda with sessions focusing on design and manufacturing for 2.5D and 3D devices and systems. 2.5/3D-IC Design Tools and Flows, will be on Wednesday, Dec 10, 8.30 am to noon, followed by the afternoon session, 3D Integration: 3D Process Technology. The morning session will be chaired by Herb Reiter, Si2's Director of 3D IC Programs, and one of the presenters will be Jerry Frenkil, Si2's Director of Low Power Programs.

On Thursday afternoon Herb will moderate a panel, titled: How can we further strengthen the foundation for 2.5/3D-IC Pathfinding?" 3D experts from Qualcomm, Atrenta, EV Group and Academia will share their vast experience and answer questions from the audience.

A complete list of the conference and pre-conference symposium agendas and speakers, as well as supporting companies and organizations is available on the conference website.

Voice Your Needs! Participate in Si2's 3D-IC Survey

Si2, as a member and market-driven organization, is preparing a 3D-IC Survey to capture up-to-date user requirements and plans for interposer and 3D-IC designs --- to fine-tune Si2's 3D-IC strategy for 2015 and beyond. Deploying a user friendly and anonymous survey, Si2 will capture within 10 to 15 minutes many companies' current activities, plans, questions and challenges in this strategic technology segment. If you are an EDA or System/IC design expert and experienced or interested in this field, please email HReiter@Si2.org if you didn't get invited yet to contribute your expertise to this survey.

TSMC Joins Si2's Board of Directors 

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) has been elected to the Si2 Board of Directors Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 term.  The new representative is Mr. Suk Lee, Senior Director of Design Infrastructure for TSMC's Marketing Division.


"TSMC has been involved with Si2's industry efforts for many years at an operational level', said Mr. Lee.   "As the semiconductor industry enters a fourth phase of evolution, to an era of virtual re-aggregation and true systems on chip, TSMC believes the execution of its mission requires even more strategic involvement with Si2, for the benefit of the global semiconductor industry. I look forward to helping provide leadership and vision for Si2."

"I extend my warmest welcome to Suk and TSMC as the newest member of Si2's Board of Directors", said Steve Schulz, President & CEO.  "As our industry transitions to an era that introduces new complexities and interdependencies, the growing importance of Si2's mission and value is being increasingly recognized across the supply chain as a strategic imperative for the future growth of our industry.  I look forward to TSMC's tighter engagement with the Si2 Board, our members, and our member-led projects.' For the full press release, see http://www.si2.org/?page=1977

DAC Booth Presentations Available

At this years Design Automation Conference (DAC), member companies gave a series of presentations covering such items as: Open Process Specification, OpenDFM, Silicon Photonics, Open Parasitic Exchange, OpenAccess Scripting, OpenPDK Tool Interfaces, Low-Power Design, and many others. There are also video presentations by Dr. Chenming Hu of UC Berkeley and Philippe Magarshack of STMicro. The presentations, can be found here:

If you would be interested in presenting examples of your work in applying Si2 standards in your company, please leave a message at: http://www.si2.org/?page=3

Open Process Specification with OpenPcell Components Now Available


The OpenPCell standard is part of OpenProcess Specification and consists of several components. The initial release of the OpenPCell XML Repository describes the pcell definition in XML including the operational parameters and the tie into the PDK through the PDK parameters. Several members of the OpenPCell Working Group  have already created the interfaces to their PDK development systems replacing proprietary databases. Included with the OpenPcell XML Repository release are updates to the Device Parameters Format and the Tool Interface XML specifications which, combined with the models from the Compact Model Coalition, describe the complete device to the EDA tools.

In January of this year, a workshop was held to explore the community needs for such an effort, see this link for a summary of that meeting: http://www.si2.org/?page=1989. A follow-up workshop will be held in early 2015 to present further details and demonstrate practical applications of the new OPS 1.2 and OpenPCell standard. If you would be interested in attending, please leave a message at: http://www.si2.org/?page=3


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