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DATE 2004
Design, Automation and Test in Europe

DATE 2004

Paris, France

OpenAccess Interoperability Workshop
Monday, February 16, 2004

This Workshop explored  actual deployment experiences using
OpenAccess from the point of view of both end-users and
EDA vendors. Click on the presentation title to see the pdf file.

Keynote: OpenAccess - It's the Only Way:  Hein Van Der Wildt, CEO, Sagantec
New Challenges, New Solutions: The New Si2 - Steve Schulz, President and CEO, Si2
OpenAccess Value Proposition : Sumit DasGupta, VP of Technology, Si2

 Presentation / Panel: OA Deployment - End user Companies

                        Chair: Aparna Dey, Cadence

                        * Deploying OpenAccess in Infineon's Analog/Mixed Signal Design Flow (”Freeway”):
                            Thomas Heiter, Infineon

                       * Motorola Data Model and Design Migration to OpenAccess:
                          Joanne Schell, Motorola

                        * OpenAccess Migration: Design Environment Integration:
                           Tim Ehrler, Philips

Presentation / Panel: OpenAccess Adoption - EDA Companies

                        Chair: Tim Ehrler, Philips Semiconductor

                         * OpenAccess: That was Then, This is Now: Rob Baker, In2Fab

                         * Standardization Benefits All: Ivo van Zandvoort, Sagantec

                         * Cadence's Interoperability Vision and Commitment to OA:
                             Michael Sanie, Cadence

                        Panel discussion

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