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Welcome to Si2: Technologies for an Open Architecture
OpenAccess Interoperability Workshop - DATE Conference, March 3, 2003

Si2 sponsored the OpenAccess Interoperability Workshop on Monday, March 3, 2003, at the DATE Conference in Munich, Germany. Following are some of the presentations which were made.

OpenAccess: Goals and Status
by Sumit DasGupta, Si2

Experiences and Progress with OpenAccess at LSI by Donald Amundson, Khosor Khakzadi, and Scott Perterson, LSI Logic

Joining OpenAccess: the R&D Balance Sheet by Ivo van Zandvoort, Sagantec

OpenAccess 2.0 - A Nassda Perspective, by Graham Bell, Nassda

OpenAccess - Can it Pull Down Our Tower of Babel? by Joanne Schell and Kevin Grant , Motorola

Design For Manufacturing Panel -
DATE Conference, March 3, 2003

Si2 also participated in the Design for Manufacturing Panel sponsored by the X Initiative. Here is a report on that panel:

Making Design Work 
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