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IEEE 1481-1999 Standard
This document also includes the SPEF specification.

Specification for the Open Library Architecture (OLA) Version 2.0

2002 EDA Cost of Ownership Study

ECIX (Electronic Component Information Exchange

(The Chip Hierarchical Design System Technical Data Standard) EDA Industry Council

Standard Interconnect Performance Parameters (SIPPs)

Original CFI Standards

2002 EDA Cost of Ownership Study:

A Study of Electronic Design Automation Interoperability, Support Costs and Strategies

Click here to see the Table of Contents

Download the 2002 EDA Cost of Ownership Study (PDF 1.7M)

ECIX (Electronic Component Information Exchange):



Electronic Components Technical Dictionary Specification

Electronic Components Technical Dictionary Maintenance Specification


ECIX Applications - Electronic Components Domain Specification

Documentation Set

Message Specification

Protocol Specification

Si2 Registry Specification

CIDS: Component Information Dictionary Specification

PCIS: PCIS Version 1.5

PinPak Open Library Format for Electronic Component Information eXchange

TDML (Timing Diagram Markup Language):

TDML Developer Tutorial (for developers using TDML)

TDML User Tutorial (for users to TDML)

TDML Documentation Set (includes DTD and tag library)


ECIX QuickVC Demo (QuickData for virtual components)

QuickData 1 Demo

VC Demo

Papers and Presentations

Dictionaries are a Real Problem

A Standard Internet Ready VC Exchange System

QuickData as RosettaNet PIP(tm) 2A9

QuickData and RosettaNet Presentation

ECIX QuickData Overview Presentation

A Natural Model for EDA Sensible IP Behavior

"Quick VC" IP Exchange Via the Internet

ECIX Datasheet

ECIX QuickData Architecture

ECIX Quick Reference Data for Compliance Level 1

ECIX Appendix Extended QRDEs


National Semiconductor - LM195/LM395


Pilot QED4 VCS

Mechanical Data Texas Instruments: PQFP-G100

QED Dictionary




(The Chip Hierarchical Design System Technical Data Standard):

CHDStd 3.0 Reference Specification (PDF)


EDA Industry Council:



Standard Interconnect Performance Parameters (SIPPs)

SIPPs SIPPs Version 1.06 (PDF)


Original CFI Standards

Released Standards

Design Representation Programming Interface (DR-PI) (HTML) (Postscript)

Computing Environment Services (CES) (HTML) (Postscript)

Scheme-Based Extension Language (EL) (HTML) (Postscript)

Base Networking Services Guideline (Postscript)

Base System Services Guideline (Postscript)

Base User Interface Guideline (Postscript)

Error Handling Programming Interface (Postscript)

Si2-CFI Draft Standards

Message Dictionary Specification (MDS) (HTML) (Postscript)

Tool Encapsulation Specification (TES 2.0-2) (HTML) (Postscript)

Scheme-Based Extension Language (EL) (Postscript)

Tool Manager (TM) ( Postscript)

Task & Session Model (TSM) (not available)

Other Si2-CFI Development

CFI DR Certification (HTML)

EDA Desktop (HTML)



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