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OMTAB Joint Data Model Consistency WG


Joint Data Model Consistency Working Group Introduction

Joint Data Model Working Group: This group is jointly supported by the Open Modeling Technical Advisory Board (OMTAB ) and the OpenAccess Coalition (OAC), with plans to expand to the Design For Manufacturing Coalition. The scope of work is to provide a standard interface for the design, timing, power and other information such as design rules, that can be stored within a hierarchical data model and the API's associated with it. The API will support IEEE 1481, Liberty, ECSM, CCS and OpenAccess among others. The goal is to provide an application a consistent set of APIs that all have the same look-and-feel. The API has become to be known as the Open Model Calculation Interface or OMCI. The Working Group site is restricted to participants in the OAC and the OMTAB.

OMTAB Joint Data Model Members only

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