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OMC Introduction

OpenAccess Coalition Debug WG
OAC Debug WG Members only

The Debug Working Group specifies and guides the development of tools and strategies to help users identify and resolve OpenAccess application, implementation, and data problems. Under WG direction, Si2 engineering has created several prototype applications:
  • Si2trace – Automate instrumentation of the OA Reference Implementation source for the purpose of insertion of arbitrary code to perform pre/post method validation of arguments or state conditions. (Work on this code has been suspended pending further specification of requirements and OAC priorities. )

  • Si2oad – (Also known as Si2oaDebug) Display OpenAccess data in human-readable format from a
    • persistent (on-disk) Design, Lib, or Tech
    • run-time model (RTM) snapshot, either
      • embedded into an application's source
      • injected dynamically into a linked executable, and activated inside an interactive debugger (like gdb)
    Si2oad has been ported to Linux and Win platforms, and has TCL bindings, as well. Si2oad generates a terse, readable XML format. An included XSL transform will convert that XML into active HTML and displayed in a browser.

  • Si2oaDff – Pinpoint the differences between two versions of an oaObject. Si2oaDff is an extendable, customizable difference engine that performs a canonical traversal of all attributes and owned Object Collections of two contexts (individual Objects or entire Libs), passing only difference "events" to any number of registered reporter modules.
As new capabilities are requested and defined, the WG manages the roadmap and delivery of future releases the current tools, as well as other tools useful for OpenAccess data and application development. Contact Si2 for information about participation in WG activities or access to WG tools that are not yet publicly available.

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