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The OpenAccess OpenEvolution Process

Open Evolution

Key to the continued commercial viability of OpenAccess is a carefully managed process designed to

  • Centralize information related to the API Standard, Reference Implementation, and auxiliary components, including bug tracking, enhancement requests, information exchange, educational materials.
  • Coordinate development of specifications and code as they evolve to cope with the needs of the industry, including support of working group and other collaborative activities.
  • Distribute the software, documentation, and related information via web-based technology.
  • Protect the rights of participants in OpenAccess through joint use agreements to protect the rights of everyone involved.

The OpenEvolution process is a collaborative engine that drives OpenAccess. The OpenEDA webpages constitute the nexus for the global effort, providing access to OA components and related products, as well as exchange and tracking of OA information. This process is critical to preservation of the substantial investments of those incorporating OA technology in their flows and products.

Part of the power of the OpenAccess model is its support by a broad Community base of talent and resources – not just a single vendor. Participation in OpenAccess, at one or more levels of involvement, is open to everyone. In addition to tracker reports, various tools, example code, plug-ins, platform builds, and other components related to OpenAccess have been contributed by the Community members to augment a growing collection of additions to the core OA distributions improving its usability and capability to meet new requirements. The process for integrating such enhancements into OpenAccess is shown above.

For enhancements, the flow begins with a user downloading some OpenAccess package from the OpenEDA website. If the user makes enhancements to OpenAccess and wishes them to be part of the standard package, then the changes are submitted back to the Change Team. The Change Team will consider all such requests and if accepted, they will be forwarded to the OpenAccess Integrator for incorporation into the standard OpenAccess package. Accepted changes may be incorporated as submitted by the user or modified by the Integrator for consistency with OpenAccess architecture. A working group may be convened for further study to insure sufficient generality in the final solution.

If a new feature is requested without accompanying implementation code, the OpenAccess Coalition may consider funding or a request for technology (RFT) to assist in the development. Approved enhancements are published in the Roadmap along with an approximate schedule. Once a contribution is adopted or a change request is implemented, it will be incorporated into a standard OpenAccess release and published on the OpenEDA website.

Even if a requested enhancement is ultimately rejected during the Change Team review process the extensibility features of OpenAccess can often be used to accomplish the desired result for the user, without resorting to a change in the OA core.

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