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DFMC Member Benefits
DFMC Member Benefits

1.  Partner with leaders in supply chain:
  Calibrate your design to manufacturing efforts versus where the industry is headed
2.   Shared control of industry destiny:
  Identify common needs of members and leverage them as a stronger voice for your suppliers: EDA, equipment, semiconductor
3.   Cost sharing offers "1/N" leverage:
  Establish common formats and standards to facilitate fuller and more efficient information transfer between design and manufacturing (standards allow choice and can enable new growth)
4.   Confidence by being a co-owner:
  Utilize Coalition resources and collateral to increase DFM awareness and adoption within your corporation
5.   No one has a monopoly on good ideas:
  Capitalize on Si2, with its membership affiliation and industry alliances (FSA, SEMI, . . .) to increase industry DFM awareness and adoption
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