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9th OpenAccess+ Conference











              10th OpenAccess+ Conference: April 3, 2007 - Presentations







Sun Microsystems

Santa Clara Conference


4030 George Sellon Circle,

Santa Clara, CA 95054



The10th OpenAccess+ Conference focused on progress in achieving interoperability, a fundamental promise of OpenAccess. Important EDA tool releases and progress by end-users using OpenAccess indicates that the promise of interoperability is happening as we speak. The conference explored new advances in OpenAccess adoption, as well as related advances in modeling of process variations which are essential for 65nm and lower technology nodes. A demo session/mixer was held after the conference.

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08:30AM -09:00AM


Registration  and Breakfast








09:00AM -10:15AM

Session 1: OpenAccess and Si2 in 2007 – It’s All About Interoperability (Chair: Sumit DasGupta, Si2)   




09:00AM -09:10AM

Agenda and Conference Introduction:  Sumit DasGupta, Si2








09:10AM -09:20AM

Welcome:  Sunil Joshi, Sun Microsystems






  09:20AM - 09:50AM

  Keynote Address – OpenAccess: From Vision to Reality:  Mark Templeton


09:50AM -10:00AM

Si2 Introduction: Steve Schulz, Si2






10:00AM -10:15AM

OpenAccess Coalition State-of-the Union: Jim Wilmore, Intel






10:15AM -10:30AM











  10:30AM - 12:30PM

Session 2:  OpenAccess Interoperability – End-User PoV (Chair:John McGehee, Voom


10:30AM -11:00AM

Netlist Conversion and Other Front End Tools: Mark Alexander, AMI Semiconductor:





11:00AM -11:30AM

A development example of an application tool using OpenAccess: Yoshio Inoue, Renesas




11:30AM -12:00PM

Using OpenAccess as a Development Platform for Integrating and Enhancing Internal and Third Party Flows:

Martin Foltin, Hewlett-Packard



12:00PM -12:30PM

Contributions Process and Si2 OADebug unchained: Jim Wilmore, Intel



12:30PM –01:30PM




01:30PM - 03:30PM

Session 3: Modeling for Process Variations (Chair; Nick English, Si2)




01:30PM –01:54PM

The cost of characterization for statistics: Rob Aitken, ARM





01:54PM -02:18PM

Statistical Static timing in ECSM: Rahul Deokar, Cadence




 02:18PM - 02:42PM

  Characterization for variability models: Jim McCanny, Altos


02:42PM -03:06PM

Statistical modeling and design flows: Ayhan Mutlu, Extreme-DA




03:06PM -03:30PM

Process Variability from a Foundry PoV: Walter Ng, Chartered










03:30PM -03:45PM











03:45PM -05:45PM

Session 4:  OpenAccess Interoperability – EDA Vendor PoV (Chair: Jake Buurma




03:45PM -04:15PM

Interoperable PCell Library Project: Michael Ma, CiraNova



04:15PM -04:45PM

Getting to the Next Generation Layout Paradigm while Preserving Customer Investments:

George Janac, Silicon Navigator








04:45PM -05:15PM

Calibre and OpenAccess - the gold standards for inter-operability: Joseph Davis, Mentor Graphics



05:15PM –05:45PM

A Paradigm Shift in Interoperability for Advanced Design Flows: Nebabie Kebebew, Cadence



05:45PM – 6:00PM




06:00PM -07:30PM

Session 5: OpenAccess Partners' Pavilion/Reception (Demos: SoftJin, SiNav, CDN, Si2)





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