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11th OpenAccess+ Conference, Open Access Conference











              11th OpenAccess+ Conference: November 5, 2007







Sun Microsystems

Santa Clara Conference


4030 George Sellon Circle,

Santa Clara, CA 95054


The11th OpenAccess+ Conference showcased presentations on recent OpenAccess enhancements and on adoption of this platform among end-user and EDA companies. There were presentations on extensions resulting from joint work with other Si2 coalitions and potential avenues for future growth. For the first time, there was a demonstration within the main session that provided convincing proof of interoperability involving tools from several EDA companies.  A new program named "OpenEngines" was discussed during the lunch break (see brief description below). A demo session/mixer was held after the conference, showing tools which are currently exploiting OpenAccess. Click on each title below to link to the presentation.










SCD Source Conference Report: click here
EDN Blog/Report: Click here 








08:30AM -09:00AM


Registration  and Breakfast








09:00AM -10:15AM

Session 1: Keynote Session (Chair: Sumit DasGupta, Si2)   




09:00AM -09:10AM

Agenda and Conference Introduction:  Sumit DasGupta, Si2








09:10AM -09:25AM
09:25AM -09:45AM

Welcome:  Uday Kapoor, Sun Microsystems
"We've Come a Long Way, Baby!":  Steve Schulz, President &CEO, Si2






  09:45AM - 10:30AM

  Keynote Address : Ted Vucurevich, CTO, Cadence


10:30AM -10:45AM

OpenAccess Coalition State-of-the Union: Scott Peterson, Director, LSI  and OAC Chair






10:45AM -11:00AM











  11:00AM - 12:00PM

Session 2:  OpenAccess Interoperability (Chair:Jim Wilmore, Intel


11:00AM -12:00AM

OpenAccess Interoperability Demonstration: "Design Data Interoperability with OA - Fact or fiction":
CiraNova, Mentor Graphics, Silicon Canvas, Silicon Navigator, Synopsys - IPL Report





12:00PM –01:00PM

LUNCH -  OpenEngines: The Next Step in EDA Software: Rob Mains, Sun Microsystems, Joe Morrell, IBM, Jim Wilmore, Intel  (see description below)



01:00PM - 03:00PM

Session 3: Advances in OpenAccess Implementation and Adoption (Chair; Scott Chase, Synopsys)




01:00PM –01:30PM

Intel's Evolutionary Approach to OA Adoption: Jose Del Cano,  Venkat Krisha, Karthik Balachandran, Rick Ferreri, Jim Wilmore, Intel





01:30PM -02:00PM

Data Model 4 - The Next Stage in Evolutionary Growth Of OpenAccess: Shaun McEvoy, Cadence, Michaela Guiney, OpenAccess Co-Chief Architect, Cadence




 02:00PM - 02:30PM

  Predictable Success Using Industry Standards - An Update on OpenAccess: Marilyn Adan, Synopsys


02:30PM -03:00PM

Free PDK: An Open Source, OpenAccess Design Kit: Rhett Davis, NC State University




03:00PM -03:15PM











03:15PM -05:15PM

Session 4:  Expanding the OpenAccess Frontier (Chair: Nick English, Si2




03:15PM -03:45PM

Extending the OA Reference Implementation with Community Contributions: Jim Wilmore, Intel and OpenAccess Co-Chief Architect, Joe Morrell, IBM and Chair of Contributions Process Working Group



03:45PM -04:15PM

Open Library Model Interface for Future OpenAccess Timing, Power and Noise Analysis Applications: Martin Foltin, Hewlett-Packard








04:15PM -04:45PM

04:45PM -05:15PM

ESL and OpenAccess - Extensions to Support ESL Physical Analysis: Avi Efrati, Intel Corporation

OpenAccess - The Story of an Open Evolution Approach: Stoyan Tanev, Carleton University, Canada



05:15PM – 5:30PM




05:30PM -07:30PM

Session 5: OpenAccess Partners' Pavilion/Reception




Interoperability demo: CiraNova, Mentor, SiCanvas, SiNavigator, Synopsys

Company demos: Applied Wave Research, Cadence, Gradient, Ponte Solutions, Sagantec, SoftJin, Synopsys, Si2 (JDM + oaDebug)

OpenEngines Proposal:
The concept is to enable an environment where EDA suppliers, universities, or silicon providers can provide
EDA software engines or components, built to a standard api, that can be used to construct applications as desired out of selected engines. 
The  engines could provide such services as placement, timing, transistor level services, for example.  Part of the goal is to enable more open 
DA systems, and allow a plug and play environment.

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