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CPF Validation Kit
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CPF Validation Kit

The CPF Validation Kit offers the CPF user the CPF 1.0 or CPF 1.1 parsers and testcases in one place. Bug and forum discussion for the parsers and testcases is available here.

  • CPF Parser:
    This TCL-based parser are expected to allow CPF users to more quickly bring products to market that support CPF.

  • CPF Testcases:
    Current testcases contributed by the CPF community in response to the LPC TSG Request for CPF Test Cases to serve as:
    • CPF training tools.
    • Testcases for tool developers to use to validate their implementation.

  • DISCONTINUED 02-2011CPF Relational Analyzer:
    The Common Power Format Relational Analyzer tool allows CPF users to analyze the design intent for a low-power design and examine the current state and relationships among the CPF data objects. The CPF Relational Analyzer is also useful as a training aid to learn/understand CPF, as an aid to ease the adoption process and as an analysis tool in the IC design process. Read about it in the Si2 Newsletter.

CPF 2.0 Validation Kit
CPF 1.1 Validation Kit
CPF 1.0 Validation Kit
  • CPF 1.0 Parser:
    The CPF 1.0 parser is available to any registered user whose company has signed the CPF 1.0 Parser License 2009-04-02
  • CPF 1.0 Testcases:
    Current CPF 1.0 testcases submitted by the CPF community.
  • DISCONTINUED 02-2011 CPF 1.0 Relational Analyzer:
    The CPF 1.0 Relational Analyzer is ONLY available to LPC member company users.

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