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OpenDFM v2.3.0.4 has been posted.
    Si2 Admin - 2015-11-02 13:03   [DFMC Specifications]
A new version (v2.3.0.4) of the OpenDFM Pattern Verification Specification has been posted. A login is required for download.

DFMC Universal Layer Model v1.0 posted
    Si2 Admin - 2012-12-21 15:25   [DFMC Specifications]
The DFMC has posted the Si2_Universal_Layer_Model_v1.0 which is the collaborative work of the DFMC and OPDKC.

OpenDFM v1.1.0 posted
    Si2 Admin - 2011-04-26 16:45   [DFMC Specifications]
The OpenDFM v1.1.0 specification has been posted and is available for download to any Si2 user account


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