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Open Modeling Calculation Interface (OMCI)


Release Name: OMCI V1.0

OMCI API Standard

  OMCI_headers.tar.gz      -- Complete set of headers that constitute the abstract OMCI API
  OMCI_Reference_FINAL.pdf -- Class documentation for the OMCI API
  Si2_COO_OMCI_1.0.pdf     -- Si2 Certificate Of Originality for the package

48ed9fc055eafb78d10997483fa0be3d  OMCI_headers.tar.gz
437543640922c41ed9eca12c1c498b57  OMCI_Reference_FINAL.pdf
de24a659411f459b2f0fe253c736561b  Si2_COO_OMCI_1.0.pdf

Changes: 1.0 initial release Developed and approved by the JDM Working Group Approved by Open Modeling Coalition (now the OM-TAB) as an Si2 Standard

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