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OpenAccess Releases

OpenAccess Releases

OpenAccess Reference Implementation database and API Reference documentation. OpenAccess translators for LEF/DEF/Stream/Verilog/Spef. Source and binary distributions. Project contains: OpenAccess API Releases, the OpenAccess Bug and Feature Request trackers, and the OpenAccess Forum.

OpenAccess Release Notes (Publically Viewable)

OpenAccess Release Notes

Release Notes for major current OpenAccess releases are available for review by the general public. The Release Notes contain detailed platform/compiler/use details about the release packages, install or build instructions and guidelines, as well as descriptions of API changes.

OpenAccess License and Download Policies

OpenAccess Internal Use And Distribution License V4 October 1, 2004 (View/Download)
Required for any OpenAccess distribution download, this license needs to be signed by your company and returned to Si2. (more information)

Si2 License and Download Policies

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OpenAccess Support

Member Discussion Forum
Member Bug Tracker
Member New Feature Request Tracker

OpenAccess API Documentation

OpenAccess C++ API Documentation

The OpenAccess API is a C++ programming interface for integrating design tools and design methodologies through a common, open database. OpenAccess API documentation is part of the every release of an OpenAccess distribution.

Programmers Guide

The OpenAccess C++ API Programmers guide is for programmers who are developing new applications, or converting existing applications, to run in the OpenAccess environment. The guide assumes that you have a working knowledge of application programming using the C++ programming language.
The OpenAccess C++ Programmers Guide is part of the OpenAccess API Documentation in every release of an OpenAccess distribution.

Si2 OpenAccess Books

Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial
The Si2 API Tutorial is 800+ pages carefully organized to provide a step-by-step, self-instructional approach to the OA model, including hundreds of illustrations and many self-check exercises (with answers). written by the Si2 staff, the Si2 API Tutorial starts with basic OpenAccess concepts, incrementally building on successively more complex ideas, until the whole model has been methodically explored - including effective use of the OpenAccess distribution documentation.

The tutorial contains hundreds of lines of code examples plus 3 dozen labs.

Latest Si2 OA Tutorial pdf and labs - free to all.

Si2 OA Tutorial pdf - free to any user

Si2 OpenAccess Course

OpenAccess 2.2 Online Course

OpenAccess Coalition members have unlimited free access the latest course at OAC Online OA 2.2 Course.

Si2 Online API Documentation

The OA API docs with search engine and si2Deltas to previous major release:

Latest coalition release online docs are available to OAC members, all others to Si2 members.

OpenAccess Application Notes

Articles about using OpenAccess, the OpenAccess Application Notes downloads are available to any user account.

Si2 OpenAccess Tutorial Labs

The OpenAccess 2.2 Online Course features dozens of C++ programming Labs which Si2 distributes separately with the OA Tutorial pdf.

OpenAccess API Examples

OpenAccess distributions contain extensive API coding examples as part of the Docs and/or Source packages. Look for the examples/ directory. Code Examples (brief overviews)

OpenAccess Contributions

Contributions to OpenAccess add value to the OA "ecosystem" by making it possible to leverage OA functionality, extensibility, data, and documentation across the entire OpenAccess community. (Read RFT)

Each contribution has a separate Si2 Downloa Project complete with user formum and bug and new feature requst trackers.

Contributions With Source


Contributed Reuse Library


  • Cadence oaScan : Binary and Documentation
    oaScan is an unlicensed application that scans the contents of a library and checks for inconsistencies in the OpenAccess design, tech and DMData databases. Optionally, oaScan can repair the inconsistencies and save the databases. Inconsistencies are more common with older versions of OpenAccess. The oaScan application is used to upgrade such data to current quality standards.

OpenEDATools University Projects

OA Gear (readme)

OpenAccess Success Stories

An OpenAccess introduction from the user view point which includes many OpenAccess success stories plus links to presentations about many more.

OpenAccess Wiki

Si2 provides the OpenAccess Wiki for community collaboration on the documentation for OA contributions like Si2 oaD and oaScript plus articles about using OpenAccess.

The OpenAccess Wiki requires an Si2 user account for edit permission.

OpenAccess Coalition Information

Coalition Membership
OpenAccess: Roadmap
The OpenAccess Standard

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